February Newsletter

 February Newsletter
 Wren McCabe 

February 2017 is bringing in 2017 like a storm. I have several new stories done and submitted to publisher. I have releases nearly every month for the rest of this year. I don’t want to flood my new readers with too much though. March 2017 will bring in a new series as well as book 2 to Steel MC, Cloaked by Steel.

My first novel Encased by Steel, Book One, Steel MC Series was released on February 3, 2017.

Book 2 Coming in March 2017

Encased by Steel – Book One – Steel MC.


In book one of Steel MC: Titan “Steel” Malone was damaged by war, discharged from the Army, and had nowhere to go. Until he finds out, he inherited an entire town and over ten thousand acres of property from his best friend who gave his life protecting the United States. Steel takes the five remaining soldiers left of his squad and offers them a place to call home. Delaney “Dell” O’Riley, during a mission, loses everything. The loss so great she leaves without looking back. Three children to be raised alone. After years of wondering, she stumbles upon what’s left of her husband’s, Company, the Renegades. Can doubt, hurt, loss, grief, then forgiveness lead Steel and Dell to recovery or does it tear them apart forever?


Coming Soon!

Cloaked by Steel, March 2017

Concealed by Steel, April 2017 Look for Pre-Order in March.

Wren McCabe


Wren McCabe lives in North United States with her French Bull Dog who is her constant companion. Hobbies include reading, writing, motorcycles, fast cars, and big trucks.

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